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The entire world is networked today and networking is foundational to virtually all operations of corporate as well as individual existence. Engineers in telecom as well as IT must have sound knowledge of networking along with practical, hands-on experience of hardware and software integration as well as configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting along with security. Milestone training program includes networking module based on theory and sound practicals so that you are confident and capable to handling any type of network configuration you will encounter in real world environments. You can do this with ease and confidence right from day one of your career. Networking module comprises of basics of hardware, LAN, WAN, introduction to cables, switches, hubs, routers, configurations, trouble-shooting, set up and maintenance. Students receive solid knowledge and practical experience based on CCNA model from trained, highly qualified and experienced tutors with industry level experience in networking.

Even IT students benefit from enrolling for networking since it is so meshed with the way IT services are delivered in wired or wireless networks, local or cloud based networks. As a networking professional, having CCNA certification is desirable. Here at Milestone we help you through CCNA training programs to go on to become CCNA or CISCO Certified Network Associate and CISCO certified networking professional. We go beyond in giving extensive, hands-on training that helps you be competent and masterful right from day one when it comes to configuration, installation and installation of networks.

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