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Mock interview

MSA will be conducting Mock Interviews for the students with IT professionals on diffrent levels. It helps students to evaluate their interview skills and to improve in the area lacking. MSA provides time to time reviwes and guidanc on "HOW TO SUCCEED". Which has very worked as per our previous records. Mock interviews provide candidates with an opportunity to test out their interview skills with someone who isn't evaluating them for an actual job In total we have placed 52 students.

  • 2014 IBM,Wipro,HCL,HP & MSA 15.
  • 2015 IBM,Wipro,HCL,HP & MSA 37

Here are some of the benefits of a mock interview:

  • a. It helps you to reduce "STRESS AND ANXIETY ABOUT INTERVIEWING".
  • b. It helps You to Boost "CONFIDENCE".
  • c. It provides you with constructive feedback in "LOW-STRESS ENVIRONMENT".
  • d. It can help you to prepare for "BEHAVIORAL-BASED INTERVIEW QUESTIONS".

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