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C Language

C is the mother of all programming languages, in a way. If you know C in all its aspects thoroughly and become adept in its implementations, you can easily gain mastery over more advanced courses be it Oracle, SAP, PHP or Java, all of which have foundations in C. Milestone, therefore, places importance on C and its fundamentals as a requisite for IT students. We know very well that C receives perfunctory and introductory treatment in most institutions. We also know it takes time and practice to grasp the fundamentals of C and become proficient. Here at Milestone we turn you into C experts, perfectly capable of completing any C based assignments when you start work in real life. From basic to advanced, we have C modules that will take you effortlessly on the path to becoming a highly proficient and competent developer.

C++ Language

Due to time limitations, institutions rarely give full focus to C++ training for students with the result that when they are faced with challenges, whether in completing projects during studies or during work, they cannot succeed. As a student you know this but do not know where to turn. Come to Milestone and learn about C++ and how to implement these in real life projects you will be involved in during work. IT students joining C++ courses receive full training in core C++, best practices in the language and project assignments in corporate world. We have faculty with experience and the know-how to transfer knowledge of complex C++ operations in a simple, easy to understand way. You join as a novice and emerge as a fully baked C++ expert able to match employer expectations when you start work.

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